Interpreting in the community and at authorities

Do you need an interpreter for visits to authorities in Munich? I would be happy to be at your service! I am a sworn interpreter and translator for the languages English and Arabic. Whether at the citizens' office, the registrar's office, the notary public's, or the solicitor's - I will interpret for you and translate all of your documents, certificates and records (with certification of correctness).

Conference Interpreting


I competently ensure that at your event, language is not an obstacle any more, and everyone can communicate with each other.

- Simultaneously, consecutively, or „whispering", in the booth, on the panel, or among the audience.

- For a small or large audience, at home or abroad.

On request, a team of professional interpreters can be arranged.

  • For training courses, consecutive interpreters are usually employed. The interpreter translates what has been said in a few sentences during the pauses of the speaker.
  • Simultaneous interpreting is common at conferences: what is being said is immediately translated for all participants with the aid of booths and headsets.
  • "Whispering" is often used during smaller events. The interpreter sits among the audience and consecutively or simultaneously whispers into a microphone. The partcipants are wearing headphones.

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